Which Laser Hair Removal Machine is Best for Indian Skin?

Discover which laser hair removal machines are best suited for Indian or Asian skin tones. Learn about FDA approved devices such as Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser and GentleYag Laser.

Which Laser Hair Removal Machine is Best for Indian Skin?

IPL has been approved by the FDA for use on all skin types, making it safe to use on Indian skin. However, IPL in general is not as effective as laser and results may not be as high as you expect. Lin Scan combines large treatment areas with high power density, thanks to its linear scanning technology that can remove fine hair in patients with dark skin. Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser is one of the best laser hair removal machines for Indian skin.

This device uses the same professional diode technology as spas and clinics, and is FDA approved for home use. It works even for people with light brown skin and black hair. The GentleYag laser is an especially good treatment for patients with darker or suntanned skin, due to its unique wavelength that makes it equally effective on darker skin types while being completely safe. Laser hair removal treatment has become increasingly popular in India since the late 90s, with many women and even men turning to this aesthetic procedure to permanently remove unwanted body hair.

Over the years, many technological advances have helped improve the results of this treatment, with several lasers now available in India for the effective removal of different types of hair with proven safety and effectiveness for different skin tones and hair types. Dr. T N Rekha Singh is an MD in Dermatology, Venereology and Leprology at the prestigious Gandhi Medical College in Hyderabad. He has rich experience of more than 11 years in performing advanced laser treatments for hair reduction, skin rejuvenation and skin lightening, scarring and.

Bruan pro3 and Pro5 laser hair removal is another best IPL hair removal suitable for Indian skin, specially designed for women. To turn off the hair follicles, the wavelength of light is directed at the hair pigment (which should be darker, albeit slightly, than the skin), heating the hair up to the follicle and killing the hair at the source. While IPL is not technically a laser, it is often referred to when talking about laser hair removal treatment, as it is similar in process and results. These types of technologies are popular in home hair removal devices because they are much safer than traditional lasers.

Unlike other permanent home hair removal machines that use IPL technology, BoSidin pioneered its own technology called Optimal Pulse Technology. The premise of laser hair removal is that it targets dark matter, melanin, in the skin. If you are looking for better laser hair removal for Indian or Asian skin, I will recommend a silky Homiley laser hair removal. So you're looking for people with a skin tone close to yours, preferably with hair similar to yours, and if you're looking for a laser hair removal treatment to remove ingrown hair, you'd like to see photos of patients who also suffered from it with darker skin tones, because that's an additional level of difficulty due to inflamed skin likely reacting badly.

IPL hair removal is 100% safe for both hair removal and dangerous skin problems such as pigmentation, rashes and rough skin. What's important to note here is that the hair you want to remove has to be darker than the surrounding skin. Tests show that the laser provides positive results on darker skin tones, with an average 50-90% reduction in hair growth 6 months after treatment.

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