Can Laser Hair Removal Damage Tattoos?

Find out if laser hair removal can damage tattoos and what options do people with tattoos have if they want to undergo treatment.

Can Laser Hair Removal Damage Tattoos?

As long as your tattoo is protected, there is no risk of it getting damaged with laser hair removal. For those looking to get rid of an unwanted tattoo, as well as laser hair removal, it is best to focus first on getting rid of the tattoo. Tattoo patients are certainly eligible to receive laser hair removal, but there are a few things you should know before undergoing treatment. First of all, laser hair removal cannot be performed on the tattooed area.

If a patient has a tattoo on their arm but wants to have their legs waxed with a laser, that's no problem. However, if a patient has a tattoo on his chest and is interested in laser hair removal on the chest, it will be much more complicated. A common question asked is “is it possible to have laser hair removal on a tattoo? In short, no, it is not recommended to do laser hair removal on a tattoo. If a patient undergoes laser hair removal and has a tattoo on the area being treated, the professional performing the treatment will need to apply lasers around the tattoo.

Current technology, however, offers a better alternative that allows for permanently smooth, hairless and painless skin laser hair removal. As you know, tattoos are usually removed with a laser, so it's reasonable to assume that laser hair removal treatments can also damage your tattoo. Please note that it is not recommended for areas of the body with tattoos. Since the laser is used on the skin, you are attracted to the ink.

Although the laser used in hair removal treatments is different from those used in tattoo removal, it can still affect the ink. It can't even be used for the same purpose. There are no problems with laser hair removal before getting a tattoo. Keep in mind that your laser hair removal treatment lasts 6 to 8 sessions, with one to two weeks between each session.

Therefore, it is best to wait, or not, to get a tattoo on the same area as the hair removal treatment, until the hair removal treatment is completed. However, before proceeding with treatment, know that you should consult with a trained and experienced hair removal expert, so that you can assess your situation and customize an appropriate course of action before proceeding with treatment. Don't make the mistake of going with amateurs or with little skill, as it only increases the risk of burning your skin, which cannot be reinked afterwards. At CALVEO, we offer high-quality hair removal services with superior results that you can enjoy for many years to come.

We use clinically proven diode laser technology that is comfortable and effective. Book a free consultation with us today. Now, for the bad news - laser hair removal can't be done on tattoos. Only the surrounding areas around the tattoo itself.

The larger the tattoo, the greater the problem of removing hair with a laser. Laser hair removal can permanently damage tattoos and cause blisters that will take a long time to heal. If you decide to undergo laser hair removal near the tattooed skin, the technician will have to be very careful and avoid any reaction with the ink. You may still perform the treatment, but you will need to use lasers around the tattoo, as there is no way the laser won't affect your tattoos.

The answer to this burning question is yes - laser hair removal does affect tattoos and it is not possible to perform the treatment without altering the ink. Let's discuss in detail how laser hair removal affects tattoos and what options do people with tattoos have if they want to undergo treatment. If you ask yourself “Does laser hair removal affect tattoos?” so the answer is yes - it can expose you to the risk of blistering and burning your skin which takes a long time to heal. Because of this avoid laser hair removal on tattooed skin as much as possible.

If you have a tattoo on your forearm but only want laser underarm hair removal there's probably no problem. However if you have a tattoo on your thigh and want full leg laser hair removal we won't be able to treat you about your tattoo. Although it's tempting to think otherwise patients should remember that laser tattoo removal is a completely different procedure with a different purpose and with unique characteristics - it means that the hair removal procedure can affect your tattoos and even cause permanent damage by breaking ink particles. Laser hair removal machines are not designed to remove tattoos and in addition to distorting your tattoo an incorrect laser on tattooed skin could cause burns blisters or damage to the skin.

If you're eager to remove hair from a tattoo don't worry as there is a process that can be used as a substitute - there have been stories in press that laser hair removal is done over a tattoo usually by an unregulated clinic or by an inexperienced and untrained employee which have resulted in severe third-degree burns requiring hospital care. You will have to wait several weeks after laser hair removal before you can get the tattoo - The best course of action is to plan ahead and receive a full cycle of laser hair removal in area where you plan to get your tattoo done.

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